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points. they merged or burned themselves out. a main fire wasn't far from one neighborhood. >> we take it personally here. this is a beautiful area. for someone to come out to start a fire is sprubl some. >> the latest incidents coming after a weekend of about 20 fires beginning saturday. they were concentrated in the sea escape village neighborhood. and there was a dumpster fire burning close to a condo minimum. >> there has been sketching of a -- scorching of a fence which gives us concerns. >> now, the already high level of concern is height yend more by dry conditions in the bay area. we'll have more tonight at 6:00. in the meantime, novato police
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have set up a hot line for tips in this case. that is on our web site under see it on tv. live in novato abc 7 news. >> hope some tips come in. several neighbors jumped into action to save rez dprents a fast-moving fire in san jose. here is some amateur video of showing how flames destroyed much of the complex before firefighters arrived. that zoir destroyed four units and five men raced towards danger when hearing screams from the building. >> we're back here about 50 feet away. the lady started screaming there. she was still in there.
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>> all residents survived the fire. the red cross is helping victims find a place to stay. investigators have not yet determined what started that fire. >> sheriff deputies are searching for an escaped inmate in dub blib. someone reporting seeing a man in jail clothes leaving the jail grounds and haegd north. this is jail confirmed one inmate is missing. the 57-year-old is a burglary suspect. officials are searching the hills tonight. >> state prisons may soon be history. the system is on the chopping block. there are many who are applauding this move saying many juveniles are treated cruelly.
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>> this would be an historic move no, other state has gotten rid of the prison system. conditions are deplorable. >> california youth prison may cease to exist ending a legacy including 23 hour cell confinements, using cages as punment and staff beatings. sometimes caught on tape. they have been working to shut down the system saying the facility is lice infested and not giving inmates enough to eat. >> i have been witness to families talking about their child getting hit. another child so afraid of being hit or beaten that he would attempt suicide. >> under governor brown's prose poseal the remaining prisons would close. remaining 1100 wards
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transfered to counties. 15 years ago, 11 facilities were open hougs more than 10,000. before the plan some counties were taking their juvenile offenders rather than sending hem to the state broken system. >> research shows is that most juf nilz are sk sesful in rehabilitation when living closer to their families. >> and governor brown is living -- giving one year to prepare, some say local governments are still trying to adjust to the program known as realignment. >> they don't have ability to monitor or counsel. >> this would be historic. >> they recommended closing youth commissions because the price tag ballooned. too much considering rates are the lowest since records began in mid-50s. >> there are a lot of head
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lines out there. nuf nile crime is way down. >> some fear prosecutors might charge minors as adults more often. >> and the defense department says over the past six months, 11,000 inmates have been released or transfered to county jails. the corrections department has until june 2013 to release or transfer another 23,000. the state is using a portion of the vehicle license fee and sales tax revenues to help counties pay to house transferred inmates. and governor brown is supporting a ballot measure to continue that funding. >> and in santa cruz they're looking at eliminating the
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s.w.a.t. team, the city manager asking tomorrow to approve 400,000 in public safety cuts and those moves were suggested by consultants. other includes creating a park maintenance district. >> investigators say the death of a city clerk now appears to be the result of an accident. the body of the 37-year-old was discovered inside of her home saturday morning. the oak wlnd tribune reports she apparently died after falling down a staircase. she's survived by her husband and 9-month-old baby. >> a fight started over a stolen gold chain inside of a bar ended in six arrests skpan officer punched in the face.
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police say a man was reportedly robbed of a gold chain sunday morning. it spilled outside of the lounge with 15 people fighting at one point. then, police tried to break it up an officer was punched in the face, police used a taser on the man who hit the officer. supporters protested a crack down forcing the san francisco club to close down tonight. demonstrators carried sign was a message that is blocking access to patients warning of the cooperative he could face prosecution if the club didn't stop selling marijuana. >> nationwide they need to stop. >> the u.s. attorney's office
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in a statement the cooperative is located too close to school that's serve young children. two schools. the club held a going out of business sale before closing later today. >> pg&e says it does not expect power problems and this picture sent to us from russell m shows crews rewiring lines on saturday, pg&e says it's finished the work. pg&e says a line failed and a switch apparently malfunctioned. san francisco mayor ed lee told me there won't be problems for fans this saturday. >> this is ready and i'm going to say lights out on new orleans. >> pg&e says it rewired lines
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to the substation in daily city z tests show the system is working properly. >> and san francisco's newest supervisors say they want to help all reach a better quality of life. the district includes haight and western edition. she's considered more plitly progressive but doesn't see that as a problem. >> others continue to show it's possible to disagree but to do something in a special way moving it word. >> the mayor says he needs a decision yechld olagi was involved in the run, ed, run campaign he says she shares his vision of growth for stit. >> and -- city.
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>> she says she found out last night. >> and coming up, meet the state's newest lotto winner. she's a local woman defying adds in two ways and now can pay off major medical bills. >> i'm sandhya patel there is a cold front coming down the coast tomorrow. i'll let you know if we'll continue to see sunny skies. the answer is coming up. >> and monarch butterflies on the move in the bay area. the news continues in one minute.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. westbound highway 24 blocked well into the afternoon. it happened when a truck carrying scrap metal jackknifed around 1:30. traffic crawled alngt shoulder. there are no reports of any
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major injuries. the cause of the accident is under investigation. >> jerry hill introduced new bills designed to improve the safety of gas pipelines. one requiring utility companies to implement all recommendations in the wake of the deadly disaster. and enough to establish a program for employees who disclose public safety concerns and the third would. >> they were gambling with public safety. less money spent on safety inspections meant more money for profits. this culture of profits over safety needs to chaimpblgt. >> the lij slaigs is in response to two exowe plogss blamed on pg&e. first a blast so huge, killing eight people in september, 2010.
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natural gas line explosion destroying a town house in cupertino last august. >> and a bay area woman who awoke from a two month long coma two years ago has another reason for feeling blessed tonight. she's california's newest lottery millionaire. the po-year-old won the big prize over the weekend, buying 40s ndz tickets in n.a liquor store. >> i started bawling. i called my mom. she thought i'd been in a car accident. i said mom, please get over here now. i don't note what to do. she said sign the back of the ticket. i signed the ticket and locked myself in the car until my mom and grandma came up. >> congratulations to her. she's no stranger to winning lottery. she won $5,000 right before christmas. lee says she'll use money to pay off her medical bills and take her family on a trip. >> wonderful. >> and monarch butterflies go
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across the california coastline and now, they're here in record numbers there is a. >> and first they look like clumps of leaves but look and you'll see what may be the biggest population that they've seen. >> we had 4188 butterfly autos about 10 times the year before? >> right. >> barlists say it's possible the rainfall caused a spike in the growth of the plant where they lay eggs. this pin prick will hatch. >> this is eating it nonstop 15 days. >> there is a butterfly. >> most live only weeks but each year, one lives for six months.
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and this is to why the climb jit just right. the butterflies need a ring of trees like this one. shielded from the wind. here is the thing. they don't go looking but just seem to know where it is. >> they've never been here before. they've never seen any other butterfly buzz somehow find their way to the spots and to. >> they are an indicator of a healthy health. a good population indicates things goring well across the western us use and in february, they'll lay their egg autos their great, great grandchildren will come back to spend winter here in our grove. >> and that is a number of
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viewing events scheduled. >> and there is one of california's highest ranking congressman says a key issue is water conservation. and says it's not making funding a high enough priority on capitol hill. >> that is is long term we'd have conveyance. we've got to be able to have storage. that is long term as well. there is a is a disconnect. former governor schwartzeneggar postponed a water bond initiative in 2010 and governor brown is considering pulling it from the november ballot.
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>> and there is jand here to talk about. >> tomorrow it's just going to be sprinkles. so there is no possibility of rain but tuesday one model does want to bring in perhaps rain. there is a live look. it's lovely to enjoy this weather from our camera. looking alt a beautiful setting sun there. there is another vantage point. official sunset time is 5:08. temperatures were mild and most field is 67 today. doesn't start out that way. take a look at lows. 25 degrees in novato.
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and there is both 27. 27 in fairfield down to 26 degrees. there is temperatures now into 50s and 60s. there is dry, mild weather into the weekend knox major changes are coming. i want to show you a satellite and radar, high pressure providing us with dry weather. there is a cold front. it's weak and haegd town towards the coastline. it's running into this ridge of weather. this is some clouds, and as it fizzles it doesn't produce a lot here, like i said, maybe
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you may be dodging one, two drops if we get anything it would be just in the form of sprinkles. it's been dry. there is 26% of normal for santa rosa. and also san jose. 33% of normal in oakland and san francisco, 32%. taking a look at sacramento there is 39% of after richblg nudging in terms of real rain. and overnight readings coming down and there are clear skies. there is upper 30s to about mid-40s. it's going to be a morning where you'd need to bundle up. tomorrow afternoon, cooler. 62 in santa rosa.
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and out towards oakland, 60 in san jose. and palo alto. there is a look at the accu-weather forecast. after cooler and cloudier weather there are milder conditions, low to mid-60s into the weekend. you'll see plenty of sunshine and ming junior day is just steady and dry. no rain until perhaps tuesday. >> thank you very much. >> and just ahead, motorcyclists rev up voices today. and that is coming up and trends whit comes to buying televisions. what americans are looking for at 6:00. we'll be right back here. [ female announcer ] there's surprising news about whole grain
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>> hundreds of motorcyclists from the state capitol would let people 21 and older choose to not wear a helmet if they finished a training course, another was in motorcycle-only check points. assemblyman lee showed up support last week, airport security caught whim a loaded gun in his carry on bag. >> all of the business about check points i just went through one at the airport. you know what is interesting?
5:25 pm
i made a mistake. >> there are hearings eld for both bill hz afternoon. >> tiger woods will return to the pebble beach pro am this year marking the first time in 10 years nchl 2000 he rallied from a five shot deficit to win his sixth tour victory. he's best remembered for record 15 shot victory in u.s. open. and he'll be back year in this event. >> and the goldin gate bridge's birthday. >> [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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caramel...pretzel 90 calorie bar. ♪ coming up the price 49ers already chajing for tick
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yismts how faithful fans oor and occupy oakland is back tonight. a batch of suspects arrested this weekend has had their charges reduced. >> and promising treatment for hiv patients that is different from what is available now. >> and construction underway to make several improvements to the golden gate bridge. >> and biggest change is a visitor center. >> official as announced plans for a two-day festival to mark the diamond anniversary that will take place memorial day weekend. and this bridge will be beginning tours in may. unlike the 50th anniversary there will be no bridge walk this time around because, take a look. safety reason autos 300,000 people turned out flattening the roadway, prompting officials to lear the bridge.

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